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  1. Hello Alan yes we do have a place for you we have a spot for any trust worthy commited members that would like to join thw fam bam just make sure you read the post and there info on there i will need from you then private message me with that info its all in the post description hope to talk with you more soon.
  2. Read the hole post and you will find it after that have each one of your members message me with that info asked for in post and also hit me with who your squad is so i can identify that you know eachother.
  3. If you wanna join please message me on psm with what is asked for in the post and without a doubt i will get back to you
  4. Yes how can we get all our stuff that was lost due to this
  5. New recruit s questions Dose anyone have questions on joining?
  6. Need help with tribe fourm Hello all, If someone can please help me out id appreciate it i have a tribe forum up in the tribe section and when i made it i created the tribe under public tribe now i see i cant let people join that way but my issuse is more not being to be abel to keep the activity updated even ifbi update the post it says last active when created and it puts my tribe post way below others is there away to keep it active without creating a new one beacuse i currently only have my phone and no laptop or pc to create a new one ?
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