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  1. Gabbif


    Arketypes Was wondering when you purchase an Arketype engram can you use that engram on any server or do you have to purchase it multiple times?
  2. Gabbif

    Icons on map?

    Icons on map? Might be a stupid question but I’m an admin on a unofficial server and I noticed sometimes I get blinking icons on my map. They’re either blue As or just blinking green dots. What do they mean?
  3. Gabbif


    How because I tried every way possible and it looks like you can’t put anything in their pouch..
  4. Gabbif


    Procoptodon Does anyone know if you can put pets in the pouches or carry people in pouches of the Procoptodon in mobile?
  5. Explorer note help? Does anyone have a full list of the explorer note locations for mobile? I’ve noticed that when watching YT videos or looking at the Explorer note wiki (which gives the locations) that I can’t find the explorer notes with the coordinates that the wiki gives me. I’ve been trying to find the explorer notes in the lava cave and it says that the Manta, Megaloceros, Mammoth, Lystrosaurus, Oviraptor, and the Rockwell Record #18 are in there but so far I’ve only been able to find the Manta, Mammoth, Lystrosaurus, and the Megaloceros and that’s all I’ve seen players on YT find as well. I recently did a whole run through every nook and cranny of the Lower East cave as well and found everything except for the Rex dossier that the wiki said specifically was there for mobile. I’m just frustrated that I keep dying in the lava cave looking for explorer notes that might not even be there and knowing how much harder the caves get it won’t be as easy to be able to search everywhere. Also is there anything that makes finding them easier? Like how the Dire wolf is able to sniff unopened notes on other gaming consoles...
  6. Tributing Artifacts I’ve been playing ARK on mobile for a little bit but just now realized you could tribute the artifacts found in caves for blueprints and loot. Wondering since the artifacts respawn can you do the same artifact again for more loot or is it just a one time thing per artifact?
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