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  1. Wiped without warning? Hi, my tribe was on prim plus cross ark 5, on ragnarok, when we were dev wiped for apparently blocking spawns in the highlands. Most of our tribe members were unaware that this was going on, and if we had been given any kind of warning, we would have corrected the issue immediatly. I was hoping that our tribe, the last Celts could get some of our our tames and items back. personally I know the blocking spawns is wrong, but I wish we would have had some kind of warning from the devs, as some of the other tribes on the server have been warned instead of immediately wiped. I lost a 170 ice wyvern that I was Raising, that took me over a week to find, and it made me lose a lot of heart for the game. All I'm asking for is a second shot, please, especially now that the servers are messed up from the halloween update, things have gotten extremely frustrated
  2. No Dinos on map Since the event started, our map has had no dinos spawn what so ever, its really taking any of the fun out of the game as we cant breed, raise or feed any of our creatures, primplus cross ark 5, the center
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