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  1. OMG thank you. I had figured out that un-subscribing, not just deleting, was making things work. I've been doing it for all the mods every time though. I'll let him know - this at least tracks with what we've experienced.
  2. I admin a private server hosted by a friend. On Ragnarok we were doing fine, but he set up a cluster with Val, The Island, and Crystal Isles, and we're having weird issues. Nearly every time we try to join, we get the "Mod version mismatch" error. The servers are up to date, we've checked, and none of the mods we are running are out of date. We have S+, Dino Storage, Ark Additions, ECO Vikings and ECO Trees, Ultimate Stacks, Awesome Spyglass, Stargate Universe, Balanced Narcotics, Simple Spawners and Alternative Tek Unlock. Simple Spawners is new - we previously had t
  3. Dude if you don't like the game, don't play...? Playing Single Player I don't encounter that many bugs - I'm used to Bethesda games mind you, so... YMMV. If it's not fun, don't play. If it's fun, play. Literally my ID of a "good game" is "do I enjoy it?". Clearly you don't so like...find something you do! The dev team seems to genuinely try, but I work in IT and do UAT and I can attest that the simplest things can go sideways for the dumbest reasons no matter how well stuff was tested before hand.
  4. I've caught probably 30-40 coels by now, I am loaded with Chibis and candies, but no chocolates have dropped. Nor have any dropped from breeding dinos. I've tried different bait, different quality rods, a different map (Rag and Val), I changed my fishing loot quality from 2 back to 1. Nothing! Are they supposed to be that rare, or am I doing something wrong? I'm on Singleplayer, I have S+, Ark Additions, Death Recovery, Ultimate Stacks, Dino Storage, DinoTracker, crafting skill potion and a blood syringe mod. Anybody else having this hard of a time?
  5. The fix posted above by DomSantini worked perfectly. I checked the files out and it seemed safe enough and it did exactly as described. Is there a way to give kudos on here, because dude is a genius!
  6. Bloodstalker webs are fuzzy/ugly and pixellated. I've watched some videos and they don't appear to look like that normally. Is there a PC or game setting that might fix this? My card is a GTX 1660. I play with my graphics on High with a few custom settings (mostly just decrease shadows a little bit). Is this a setting or are they supposed to look weird like this?
  7. Omg, I'm playing on single player, is this why every time I try to upload my survivor it crashes? I just wanted to go to Val to get easter deinonychus, I can wait just happy my game ain't broke!
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