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  1. Omg, I'm playing on single player, is this why every time I try to upload my survivor it crashes? I just wanted to go to Val to get easter deinonychus, I can wait just happy my game ain't broke!
  2. Singleplayer, Steam, windows 10 - game crashing constantly today Game has crashed several times on me now--crashed when I accidentally flew into water and got kicked off my wyvern. Then crashed loading back in before I got back into the game. Tried to upload my survivor to go to a different ark, and crashed the second I hit the "upload survivor" button. Decided to give up for a moment and when I exited to the main menu the game crashed out again before getting back. Validating my local steam files now. There was an update yesterday (or maybe day before?) That reset
  3. Questions about transferring maps and private servers Hey.. hope nobody minds I have two kinda related questions. I currently play Ark on PS4. It was cheap to pick up a disk copy and try it it out. I love it. I'm getting a gaming PC and want to start playing Ark on PC, and will likely get the season pass so I get all of the content released so far. My first question--on single player, do I HAVE to beat the Island, and then Scorched, to play on Abberation? Or can I Ark-hop but just miss the story? If I decide to rent a small server so I can play wi
  4. I've been doing that, just taking awhile basicslly this game is my fantasy Stardew Valley meets Skyrim with dinosaurs. I'm probably doing it wrong but it's fun ahahaha. Thank you SO much for your help!!
  5. I dont have cryo stuff yet-- I have access to the engrams, but part of my struggle re: I am a wuss, is I'm just now getting around to caving and ocean exploration. So crystal, oil, and silica are still hella expensive to me. I'm getting better! Slowly!
  6. I can do that on PS4? If so, is there a way to just nerf the dodorex when he spawns?
  7. Fear evolved questions for an SP Newb Hello! I am pretty new to Ark, playing single player on the Island on a PS4. My character is level 85 but I am a gigantic hopeless wuss so I am probably actually the explore equivalent of like, a level 10. Just for some background. I love Halloween so I'm loving the theming of this event but the dodorex terrifies me because I have absolutely no means to fight it and I'm pretty attached to my little Weathertop homestead and all my dinos. So some questions for folks: Am I safer being away from my base when dodorex is going t
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