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  1. Yes that's what I meant, I wanted to say that, not that there is a casino mod, jj Alphas differ because they are larger than Crystal.
  2. I wanted to say that it was easier for us to win the prize in the Casino than to see Alfa wyverns, jjj I found them in the white Rock Islands.
  3. Right, raising terrestrial dinos like rex or therizinos is good to kill the wyvern that are being born. And yes, I activated the special attacks of the wyverns, but I saw that they are not very effective, since the queen is immune to the breath of the wyverns, biting them already do a lot of damage. Important and I repeat, ascending shotgun and many bullets for when she is in flight. The locations I took from a YouTube video. https://youtu.be/_k6diubxiQ0
  4. Hello, I did the Wyvern Queen Gamma two days ago, for this I took 12 wyverns raised by me (4 Blood, 4 Tropical and 4 Ember), 6 Therizinosaurus and a Yutiranus where I rode, many shotgun bullets and I managed to win. The flightless dinos serve to hit the Queen when she perches on the nests and to kill the wyverns that are spawning, my wyverns while they chase the Queen and very importantly, while she flies we must shoot her, with an improved shotgun if possible and many bullets. I ran out of bullets. Another thing is that to get the claws of the Wyvern Alfa you have to go to the Casino, it is very very difficult to find one on the map. I found it by a miracle next to my base, but now I want to go to the Queen Beta and I have only found one Alpha (and in Beta there are 3 claws). This time I will bring the 12 wyverns, 6 rex bred by me tmb and the Yutiranus. Finding all the artifacts has been very very easy, without anything that bothers you or wants to kill you, Bored I'd say.
  5. The same thing happens to me, a few days ago I saw about 4 nests, I took all the eggs, all the nests disappeared, except one, and every day I return the nest continues there without disappearing or having new eggs, and there are about 5 wyverns around him. Another thing I have also seen is that 100% of the eggs that come out are Ember, I have not got any Blood and that there are several wyverns nearby.
  6. I already have all the artifacts to summon the Boss in Gamma, and I had been looking for an Alpha Crystal Wyvern for a few days and yesterday I saw one near my base, so I already have the Wyvern Alpha Heel. It also didn't take much to get. Come on, you can already say that I have the map almost finished after the short time that it came out, not having to breed any specific dino to be able to make the caves like in The Island or Valguero for example, it becomes almost boring.
  7. both these maps you suggested are 100 times worse than crystal isles loololol.utter trash hahaha my opinion lol lol ur linking trailers to the maps rofl they do not look like that ingame haha at all...amissa is a unfinished pile o poo holes for years in the mesh barren bioms/over spawns lol list goes on...Olympus is in the same boat lol I do not know how long it will be since you have not played Olympus, they updated it in March of this year and I finished it a few weeks ago, not a glitch, it is spectacular.
  8. That's what I thought yesterday, it is a boring map and a lot! Not a single cave where you have to face difficulties to collect the artifacts, here it is very simple, you arrive, you take and you leave. Break the essence Ark, in my opinion.
  9. Sam78

    Griffin bugs

    True, I have been looking at that for a long time, they make movements as if they were with lag, my movements are rare. I don't know if there will be any intention of solving it, because the Griffins have been acting like this for a long time.
  10. FPS crash (Forest similar to Aberration) Comment that I have a powerful new pc and everything goes over 90 fps, but I realized yesterday that once I go into the forest similar to Aberration, I get 40-50fps down, and it gives many jerks, it is only that area, it can be that it has not been well optimized ?? it's scary to go through there, it seems that the pc is going to crash
  11. The same thing happens to me, lifeless area, empty of dinos. There is another post where they talk about this topic.
  12. I thought this was happening to my pc or something. The same thing happens to me, I am flying in the wyvern and it stops making sound for a few seconds and suddenly it comes back, when I am attacking some dino with the wyvern it also happens, the audio is lost. I see that I am not the only one with this problem.
  13. If so, yesterday I saw some nests inside the mountain, they are poorly configured or something.
  14. I guess with my server admin pass, I will be able to activate it not?
  15. Crystal Isles is almost empty of dinos Since the day Crytsal Isles came out I have the server running, and today, there are very few dinos on the map, you see all kinds of species but few and there are areas where there is not a single one, it is sad to see this. I don't know what it could be, but the area where the Rock Drakes were is sad, not a single dino. I hope they solve it soon, apparently I am not the only one who thinks the same.
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