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  1. I agree with most of all these comments: Pros: Awesome Color combinations, 2x everything, Chibis are awesome!, Extra levels Cons: For a Holiday event it seemed to have brought the worst out of some people, ***I would suggest having the Chibis be like the MINI-HLNA, where it respawns with you and not stay on your dead body. Especially on the glitchy maps, where you are susceptible of slipping into the mesh of the map. I see a lot of sad players in the future. *** Great event overall!
  2. This is probably one of the better suggestions I have seen. After that they could even incorporate which trough they are in range of instead of guessing for those who have a multitude of troughs around their base for the dinos.
  3. Well, I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong in this assumption but... You get community reputation by how productive and helpful you are to the community. Other members/users can and will give you ratings as you provide input throughout the different forums. An ARK trader rating is the rating other users give you, on how well the transaction is handled. For Example: how fast you were able to reply back to the Buyer/Seller/Trader, how fast you are at coming to a reasonable agreement and so forth. (not just the speed of transaction, but also attitude, and overall treating others with respect)
  4. Bring on the Breeding Some people say that the reason they aren't breed-able is because they are OP Dinos, but isnt that the same thing we do with Rexes and Gigas? We breed, and breed, and breed to get the good stats. We need this in our lives. I want some baby basilisks slithering around! I would also love if Griffins, Wyverns, Phoenix, Rock Drakes, and Pulmonoscorpius were breed-able too! If phoenix are born from their ashes.. they should be able to have twins/triplets from them too! #ARKlogic I mean, these chibis literally made their life so much easier in this case. They already have the foundation, now lets put it to some good use! Who's with me? Or is it just me?
  5. When you have to redo your likes and dislikes page because you had to contemplate every little detail in ARK and after you hit that next button, it tells you to reload the page.. SMH :P
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