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  1. Honesty, last time I created folders on my person and put things in those folders and died, I lost everything in those folders. EVERYTHING. I’m not sure if that was ever fixed, and if it isn’t ...that bug is years old. I’d definitely give it a test with something not valuable if your interested in using folders.
  2. Probably 1 tek dedi that isn’t attached to another. I believe correct decay on dedi with just 1 it’s 12 hr decay, with 2+ it’s 80 days.
  3. Add gen 608 to that. I’m on island/ab/extinction as well. All are fine but gen. Something is off or sucking memory real damn bad. I can’t pin point it, except for one thing. I was the only one on 608 all was running fine, started the frog mission for hex...got through it no problem, and then when I was about to complete the mission “boom” connection timeout / kicked. Mind you I was only person on server. It could have been a server save, which will kick a decent amount, I just found it weird as soon as I was about to get hex the server kicked me. I’ve sent in enough tickets for gen I’m pretty
  4. Agreed. It's so bad right now, and im pretty sure its every gen server.
  5. Gen Pve 608 has been unplayable for 3 months. Steam/official. Save timer off by almost 2 minutes. Rendering only thing that is possible. Server doesn’t crash, just boots everyone every server save. It’s just crazzzzy.
  6. Disconnecting as well, not just island specific. Pc/steam. Host timeout and it can occur after 5 minutes or 30 minutes , can be more than once in 30 min, and ,idle or not idle.
  7. Believe you me, you aren’t the only one dealing with that! I ran most of those missions at night. The tracks are seen way easier. Also I play with in game gamma/brightness.
  8. I've sent in a detailed ticket. I suggest you do the same.
  9. back to using a vpn to connect to this website / forums, and to connect to official servers. steam/pc.
  10. Yes, perfect! exactly what im going through. So i've been playing for years no problem. Last patch/Website update ive been having serious problems. If i cant log onto this website, then only 1 server i play on shows up. If i can access the website then all servers show. my work around has been using norton vpn which will allow me to access this site + the servers I play on. It's not my router/pc. This is all routing from either there end or our isps... as for today this morning worked for about a hr for me, then i had to use the vpn. I worked all day so wasnt on much. Today 9.19.20 1:32am est
  11. I'm having the same problem, I had to use norton vpn just to post on this site. I'm curious if he has spectrum or is on east coast.
  12. Is your hatchery against a external wall?
  13. He forgot to put element in its inventory. So it starved to death. Their will be no log of it in tribe or anything. It’s like if it never existed.
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