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  1. Items gone from obelisk I've just transfered to scorched earth and all my items have dissapeared from the obelisk. My dinos are still there but nothing in the data section. Is there any way to recover them?
  2. Resource respawn I currently have resources respawning where I have built foundations (inside the foundation). Is it the resource radius slider to correct it
  3. Thanks for the info. She has other wyver s etc on Valguero, so will prob just try again. She's only 10 though so was a bit upset.
  4. Lost Dino and items My daughter transferred to ragnarok from Valguero today. She uploaded a fire wyvern and some equipment. After dying a couple of times getting to the obelisk she managed to get her wyvern and items out. She then went to download another Dino she had in there but the game kicked her out to the home screen. When she logged back in her items and wyvern were gone. Is this a common occurance and is there any way to get her stuff back. We play on xbox single player
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