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  1. level 252 giga disapeared after game crash what is going on.. my giga dissapeared after a game crash and support wont help me.. others even have all their dinos despawning!? what is going on @pve79
  2. exactly for this reason i am a bit afraid to try other versions...
  3. i wud love to pay fr the dlc aslong they keep maintaining it
  4. yeh i wish they were here wud make thing so much easier
  5. im hoping it will improve when we get a newer version of the switch
  6. i have lost several argys this way! its horrible so ivd put trackers on all of them.
  7. jep missing the switch..
  8. new nintendo switch pve player hello im pindaah im pretty new here and wud like to get in contact with other fellow ark players on the switch maybe we can help eachother out!! disc. Pindaah #4496
  9. i do am happy with this event unstable or not.. i guess we have to deal with it.. im secretly hope thst a possible new version of the switch pushes a newer version of thos game trough.. ps. if anyone wants to contact me on pve servers pm me.
  10. im afraid this is true tho i stil lime to play it! i hope the people that do still enjoy islt wil keep this fora alive.
  11. thats truenthe game horrible i had the same experience.
  12. wel if it keeps going like this the game is dead even before the 1st dlc comes out.
  13. im realy hoping for some updates yeah it is getting close to unplayable
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