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  1. I will submit a ticket and see. Never hold my breath though
  2. I am also on primitive plus nitrado unofficial xbox one. And we are unable to put the prime crystals in hot bar....there are no blood wyvrens in the blood falls after update.There are no wyvrens in the mountain place where they are suposed to be at least they are invisible we get attacked by them but see nothing . NO EGGS OR NESTS IN THE HOLES . And we have floating pixalated squares....I was so excited about this map n now its trash
  3. Thank you. I will give the rollback a try.
  4. Anyone else having the issue of not being able to place ANYTHING. ANYWHERE since this update. We play on xbox one nitrado server. And were really excited about thia update. Now we cant even place a spawn bed
  5. We play on xbox one on our Nitrado server. And since the fear 3volved update we can not place anything. Anywhere. We also play on Valgero
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