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  1. Agreed, plus they've extended events for single player before with zero issues. If single player wasn't being extended, they should have said so instead of avoiding the issue and just blanket stating the event was given another week
  2. Any update on the extension for summer bash? Super disappointed, I hope they extend the extension if we have to wait over the weekend for this to be fixed ?
  3. I didn't buy Genesis and have a 50/gig update, fingers crossed this fixes the egg/dino/beacon spawns ?
  4. I had to use admincheat destroyall Dodorex_Character_BP_C We tried dino wipe before, dodorex and super turkeys respawned. We did the above code for turkeys and super turkeys also, just replace dodorex with TurkeyBase for turkeys, or Turkey for super turkeys. You can do this with any creature on the list found here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Creature_IDs#Creature_IDs But it will destroy ALL tamed and wild Dino's of that type, so I suggest using it for event Dino's only or say creatures like gigas or spinos if you do not have them as tames and they are overspawned
  5. I believe you would need to create a non dedicated session/server. Single player and dedicated session/server will have the tether
  6. What do they raptor Claus drops look like? I just updated and we got the notification of raptor Claus, but I'm not sure where to find them or tell which is the gift drops. Halloween had candy corn and an orange beam of light, is this one holiday theme and beam color also?
  7. Has anyone else had all their map data (pins and areas visited) disappear when they go to look at the map in the last few days? Our map was working fine for the past few months (we play on single player) and now it only shows the area our current base is in and the great of the map is not visible. This just started a few days ago, but not immediately after the update. When we turn off the game and then reload it later, the map is wiped again. Would love to have this fixed.
  8. I also have a spawned dodorex on the island, single player. Has anyone been attacked by one? Its just facing the jungle and stays in one place, but my boyfriend and I are not equipped to handle a dodorex. Any word on a fix??
  9. I'm curious to about where to find the dinosaur bones! I see in the ARKeology event there were fossil piles and I'm assuming we would have fossil piles again? I have found several scarecrows, pumpkins, and gravestones already.
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