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  1. what? i do like the game. thats the reason im raging. but there are some bugs since release which never got fixed. but meanwhile they throw 3 addons out. i understand they have to earn money. i bought all addons even if i dont like abberation and extinction (too much scifi for me). but still they could not fix some really annoying bugs. and now there is another big bug for soloplayers. i like soloplay. i like a hard difficulty. i play with 1x taming, 1x exp etc. it takes so much time to build up an army. the taming, the resources and all the caveruns (i do explore by myself. not by youtube guide). and then you lose the "work" of 3 weeks by one stupid bug. it is annoying you cant play the endgame without cheating (artifacts, creatures and resources dont respawn). the request for free genesis is ofc not seriously. but wildcard should really think about costumers who paid for something that is still not working correctly.
  2. Genesis should be for free Artifacts dont respawn. Dinos sometimes do what they what. They run different directions. They try to attack creatures who are one mile away. By this you sometimes lose them. Creatures spawn in each other or in rocks or trees. Some creatures never respawn after you killed them all on map. and some respawn too much (its no fun when on nearly each tree in redwoods are 2-3 thylacoleos). it is not possible to play the endgame for years without cheating. and today i lost my rexarmy in bossfight because of the last update. why isnt there any ingamewarning ? it should be no big deal to implement this within a few hours. it is so much time i lost. so much hours of WORK to build the army and equipment for bossfights. if i lose my army because im stupid then its my problem. but i lost it because you made the mistake. you want get paid for the hours of work you spend for this software. and i want get paid if i lose hours of work/fun by mistakes of others. again i have to cheat to get my army back because of ingamebugs ?
  3. how to block events? is there any way to block all that stupid events in ark ? i really dont want it. i play only singleplayer. i dont want eggs or skins or stupid colored creatures. i just want play ark as always. i like to play games to be in my own world. not to be remembered about stupid traditions of real life all the time. i hope you can add an option to block that stupid things fast.
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