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  1. King of the Map PvP Our server is all about week long king of the map style tournaments, where up to sixty players compete to become the king of the map! We have 5x harvest rates, 3 man tribes, 10x taming and growth of dinos, 200 max wild dinos, 5x exp, 2x structure resistance, gamma is enabled, no alliances. We will wipe the server every Thursday. The only mods we have installed are Auto Engrams, and HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 V297. The map is the Island. Rules: No cheating, meshing, or exploits. IP: https://discord.gg/4ZSpaaE
  2. PC Community Events PvP Server, looking for players Our server has 60 max online players, 4x rates, is on Ragnarok, is freshly made, has an active admin, and has new events daily and one big event weekly. The only rules are no exploits, cheating, or meshing. Unique features: The admin will create raidable loot bases of varying tiers once a week, with a random dino holding a note, which is redeemable for that same dino to be tamed for you! Sometimes a challenge note can be found in raid bases, which will require an admin present to complete them. If you complete them, you get a major prize, fail and lose some items or dinos. There are new events daily on the server, and one big event weekly. Some of the events' rewards can be voted for! IP: Alternate way of joining server, add the admin through steam and join via friends: 170571453 We have a discord, for info on the events, changes, and more. https://discord.gg/bDT9wxx
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