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  1. Meshing is gaining entree inside of a static object, like a wall in cave or the side of the mountain.
  2. Yes, every PC patch is delayed for every platform besides the steam Windows version. What a joke...
  3. If you want to learn PvP, go to a PvP unofficial server or find a official tribe that raids often. You would probably be better off doing the first one because Officials are absolutely FILLED with hackers and meshers.
  4. MAC OS Completely Broken on Ark: Survival Evolved. Isn't it funny how Wildcard advertises that the game works on the different PC platforms, but every one of them is broken besides Windows Steam version? Linux isn't as bad as MAC OS. (linux has loads of graphical bugs, and abysmal performance, but nothing even close to Mac) I have a fairly powerful mac that can run all games at their highest settings so none of these issues are related to having bad hardware. I found all of these issues from playing the game for less than 10 minutes: -The movement is completely broken when you move your mouse... it's like it only moves on a X,Y axis and that's it. -Even on a GTX 1080 and a i7 7700, I get around 12 FPS on the lowest settings and get constant stutters. -A couple weeks ago, MAC OS was behind almost 4 months in update(are you f**king kidding me Wildcard? Imagine bracing through the hell of this to only have your animals starve to death and your base get raided just because Wildcard won't update the game on time)... -The main menu is completely broken and only runs at 800x600 resolution, and the sounds are almost completely broken. I can hear a bronto walking besides me but there is no bronto in sight. -The game crashes CONSTANTLY when trying to load in large structures and crashes a lot when changing graphical settings. This frustrates me BEYOND anything else, because Wilcard has neglected to enforce their Windows 10 Store version of Ark as well.. it's almost completely broken! If you aren't going to support the platform, don't advertise it on the store FFS! Imagine how many people you have decieved thinking they were buying a functional version of the game. Unbelievable... I can only hope these issues are seen through. @Cedric
  5. I agree, it probably won't be the same as the Steam version of the game
  6. Also: The Windows 10 version is already broken, why would they even think about adding a cross-platform with PS4?
  7. They are thinking about adding mods, but it will only be official ones that Wild Card approves themselves. They have made a comment about this some where.
  8. The Windows 10 version of the game is very low priority right now according to Wild Card. I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  9. Cedric is just the manager that passes along what needs to be done (although he did better than the past guy), but he is not a developer.
  10. I would assume you're either on Xbox or Windows Store. If this is the case, then the answer is no, you can't. Xbox is impossible to move files, and Windows Store you can't touch the files because they're encrypted by Microsoft.
  11. Pretty sure this was fixed. Cedric posted about it on Twitter, go take a look.
  12. Question: How do you play on Prim + as broken as it is right now?
  13. Cedric, the Windows 10 community has been begging for these issues to be fixed since the game came out on the Windows 10 Store (about 3 years of waiting) and nothing has happened since. I really hope you understand the pure frustration everybody using the Windows 10 version feels. Many people have believed that the project has been completely abandoned(incuding myself) except for the late updates(expect for the recent one, props for that, amazing work). I'm overjoyed that you even posted, but I'm skeptical that these issues will even be fixed at all considering the time frame from when these issues were first brought forward. I hope that you keep pressing these issue to the game developers until we see results. Once again, thanks for the reply, it means a lot.
  14. What you need to do it NOT stop trying. I'm working my butt off trying to get these issues fixed by constantly pressuring Wild Card until something is done. I have messaged @Cedric on Twitter with no response at all which is disheartening. I have also Tweeted the actual Ark: Survival Evolved Twitter account with no response, but that doesn't mean they don't care. We just need to keep on trying and not quit. This problem will NOT get resolved if we quit trying to fix it.
  15. Here is to hoping things get better. I don't think the developers of the actual game realize how serious things have been.
  16. The online nitrado servers have been broken for about 3 years, so don't be suprised if you run into issues when trying to find a server. For a fix, trying using a VPN and refresh the server list.
  17. You will need to find a way to edit the file permissons so you can move the files. You can probably find a tutorial on how to do this online, it really isn't that hard, I have done it before myself. Good luck!
  18. Still having this issue. Made a very long thread post, you guys should go check it out... it details all the issues. Make sure to comment to bring attention to it... this is my last hurrah before uninstalling the game completely or asking for a refund: Btw, that fix that you guys mentioned doesn't work for me. @Cedric Bro, Windows Store Ark needs help!
  19. Windows Store PC Version @Jatheish @Cedric @StudioWildcard @Jen(Please help fix your wonderful game ) PLEASE DON'T MERGE MY POST! IT GETS LOST AND FORGOTTEN LIKE ALL OF THE OTHER COMPLAINTS! I HAVE SPENT OVER AN HOUR MAKING THIS REPORT! THANKS! I just thought I would make everybody aware of the state of the Windows Store version of Ark: Survival Evolved that Wild Card has been neglecting since 2017. I have played the Steam version of the game for over 6,000 hours on my main account, and across all of my crafters and alts. I came to the Windows Store version for a new experience and to play with my many Xbox friends that play Ark. I have played about 150 hours in total and this is my experience. My goal is to bring awareness to the issues so that Wild Card can patch them. Just to bring you up to speed quickly, Wild Card released a cross-play version on Ark: Survival Evolved on the Windows Store in 2017 that allows you to play with your friends on Xbox. This is extremely cool despite the issues I'm about to talk about. I will number them just so it's easier to read. 1. To start things out, the game starts okay with some minor bugs on the main menu. To press play, you have to hover your mouse to the right of the play button to even press it which defintely isn't intended. Very easy to work around, not a big issue. 2. Nearly EVERYBODY is plagued with the issue that keeps you from joining servers. This is a HUGE issue! You get an error that most of the time comes up, but not all the time. That error is "Cannot Retrieve Address". If you go and read the 2.5 star review ratings for the game, you will see that MANY people have this same issue and it hasn't been fixed for over 3 years now. You will get this error 95% of the time when joining servers and there is no fix. It happens for everybody at some point when playing the Windows Store version of Ark. 3. If you actually end up getting into a server, you will notice that when you type in chat, it's extremely laggy when you press Enter. It lags for about 1 second, sometimes longer and is even known to crash your game. 4. Probably the 2nd most annoying thing for me is that there is NO rain sound or music for some reason. I'm not sure why this bugs me so much, but simple things that immerse me into the game more aren't there, so I'm bugged by it. 5. The 2nd worst game breaking issue in this game is that the game stops rendering objects as you traverse the map (or when you spawn in a completely different area). The game stops rendering COMPLETELY after you die the first time or run around for a long period of time. The annoying work around for this is to rejoin. The problem with this is that if you were lucky enough to even get in a server, you will probably end up with the "Cannot Retrieve Address" bug for hours at a time will probably never be able to rejoin: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/422195082410852352/636007152666017811/unknown.png 6. This is probably the worst issue out of all them... the delayed updates between Xbox and Windows Store... I cannot tell you how many times I have had people complain about this issue. Wild Card has said that it really isn't their fault because of the delayed time it takes for Microsoft to certify their updates, which is understandable, but SOMETHING needs to be done about the delayed updates! PC PLAYERS CAN'T CONNECT TO A SERVER FOR UP TO A WEEK AFTER EVEN SMALL UPDATES/HOTFIXES are released!!! (this frustrates me so f***ing much, come on Wild Card!) If you have a base of your own, on ANY PvP server (or PVE if you're raising animals, etc), you are most likely going to get wiped almost immediately because you can't be there to protect yourself. Wild Card NEEDS to find a work around for this, it makes PvP servers UNPLAYABLE! (This was posted April 1st, 2019 regarding the rendering issue. No action has been taken at all since he posted. Unbelievable.) @Cedric 7. My last 2 issues that I will complain about: 1. even if your mic is turned off in-game, it CONSTANTLY streams to everybody out loud no matter what you do. Every body has this issue. You basically can't talk in proximity chat at all because of this issue. 2. there's an issue that every map has where shadows completely disappear and the game will get extremely bright, and then go back to normal. This happens at random and I don't know of any work arounds. This gives you extreme head aches and could probably cause seizures. (also, the lightning in the game is bugged. it flashes extremely fast like the shadow... it's probably even worse than the shadows!) I might add more issues as I find them. There's several smaller things that I won't even bother adding. Here's to hoping my thread doesn't get merged (lost forever) into a existing thread and that Wild Card will fix or address these issues ASAP. Thanks! Here's a compilation of people complain about the delayed updates, just to show you how SERIOUS the issue is. If Wild Card can't fix it, they need to remove the game from the Windows Store. They're stealing fun from people the longer they ignore these issues. Probably 100 more people complain on the Microsoft Store about these issues.
  20. I would love to play, but the Window Store version of Ark (for the pc players) has been broken for almost 2 years. I can join servers on very rare occasions
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