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  1. Hi guys, i would to ask about base where build on the beach. I playing on Gateway (PVE-Easy-NA) Primal pass server, My tribe name is AVALON.Location is lat 51 long 17. As the pic of my base i attached in this post. Will my base can be wipe by dev if someone report about my base blocking the beach and few way and new player who spawn here? Since i played on this server. my base is open base. No border and don’t have battlement. Some player who lived near us always liked to walk through my base. And 3 days ago some player gonna build their base in my base area. Then i decided to build battlement to protect and keep our base's area from them. And when my tribe finished to place all battlement. One of player who don't like our base came to me and complained me about my base blocking the beach and few way!!(i think a person who complain me might be someone who lived near my base) they said many tribe complaining about my battlement! they can't walk on the beach from south to north easily like before because my base put battlement. and they threatened me if my tribe won’t fix it , they and their ally will report us and let dev wipe my base because of that reason. they said they've been report some tribe and they got wiped (because they block the water way but i'm not) i told them back "my base is not block anything. there have a way around outside of battlement still can walk through and i didn't do anything wrong or break the game rule. and on another server, many tribe build on the beach and make base like me why they don't get complain like me and i will go to ask dev for the issue as they complaining me." They still complain and don’t listen to me what i told them and They change topic to my base block the way out if new player who spawn here. If new player spawn in my base they will trapped and stuck in here.so i wonder if new player spawn in here. why don't they suicide themself and respawn another zone? As they said, they want me to unlock all of my behemoth gate and allow everyone who want to walk this way can open the door and walk through my base. Or set pin code on behemoth gate for let new player go outside. They said they won't lure anything to base. but how can i trust them? At that point is if i unlock all of my behemoth gate and let that everyone walk through my base like they want. My base gonna become public, not safe anymore and don’t have a private zone for my tribe anymore. if anyone in server can open my behemoth gate and walk through my base easily. Then all of my battlement placed for what? As i told my situation, if they and their allies report my base, Is my base could possible to be wipe by dev if i'm not set pin code or unlock on my behemoth gate like they want? Pic of my base is below this post.
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