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  1. It was never intended to have one character per map. You've always been able to swap maps. Well at least until they removed the upload button. Now you need at least two servers and they pretty much have to be PC's.
  2. No poop! Two of my friends have been banned from here for constantly complaining about Wildcard.
  3. We already have a PS4 server and have been on it since early release. We're not going to lose all our progress in the game. We also shouldn't have to. We bought this game when it ran fine on a single server and we could upload our characters without needing to transfer to another server at the same time. Wildcard changed that and if there's no way to run Multiple PS4s they had no right to do so. We paid to be able access all maps on our server with our characters and we have the legal right to do so now.
  4. Sadly Wildcard won't fix any of these problems.
  5. It won't be fixed, none of these issues that have been around for years will be.
  6. There's only one save per map for each person so if you're on the same map you'll need to have a dedicated server.
  7. Unless you can upload your character off the server with the upload button, shut down the server and restart it with a different map, and then download your survivor to the exact same server without going to any others then you're no help at all! Your video shows you have no upload button.
  8. There's no fixes for the upload button not being there! Also just saying we're stuck in creative mode is not helping.
  9. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. We've never used creative mode ever and it's not in effect now! Unlike some people we all earn our stuff the hard way!
  10. Wiping accounts is not the same as fixing meshing. The issue is still there for people to exploit. The two account glitch wasn't fixed, they just removed the upload button so it could no longer take place, screwing over console based servers in the process. There's no way for me to copy and paste tickets from other peoples accounts regarding Wildcards pathetic lack of service and I'm not making my ticket public. They haven't been doing anything about the lighting and just because they fixed issues with your saved data on an official server doesn't mean they give a raptor and will fix actual bugs in the game. You lost some stuff and got it returned. Big deal, the actual bug isn't fixed because people are still reporting it. Even though you show various posts, they did nothing about what caused your problems.
  11. So how about every person that has reported the bad lighting? Every person that has issues with split-screen? Every person that has issues with the transponder disappearing? Every person that issues with the map resetting? Meshing? Duping? Discoveries resetting? And of course the upload button being removed! All of this has been ticketed and reported for months and sometimes years and obviously NOTHING has been done about any of it because it's all still getting reported!
  12. Well judging by most of the the posts on here that just makes you a liar. Either that or you're not on PS4 because they don't fix the issues PS4 users report.
  13. I guess we're all better off refunding our games then. No point owning it if we can't play together or make use of the dlc anymore.
  14. If PS4s used as dedicated servers cluster. One post online says yes, dozens say no. My friends and I have been trying to get the upload button fixed for over two years now with no sign of it getting fixed. Most of the time now they have just closed the ticket without any reply. I have now asked them five times if PS4s will cluster and they just tell me to post in the suggestions still. It's like they haven't even read my ticket and replies. The person who hosts our server will have to spend three weeks wages for another PS4. He can't afford to do this if having two servers still won't work!
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