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  1. Help pls! Crystal isles not working umh... ok so I don't know whats going on but idk where to ask this LOL, when I try to play the crystal isles map on a singleplayer world, it doesnt load me into my world, it brings me to the steam store-page for the DLC, I don't have any idea what's going on, anyone know how to fix this ? I have it installed and storage isn't an issue, I have it installed and it is checked in the steam dlc thing, and it's registerd on the store that I DO have it installed, pls help!! this happened last night too, I've also tried uninstalling the dlc and reinstalling it.
  2. Linux Ubuntu and Battle Eye So when I log into an official server, it loads for a bit then says, "You have been kicked, Wrong Battle Eye Service" Aswell as I know that linux and battleye aren't the best, (I'm using proton BTW) but I I retried a few times, same thing, and sometimes when I'm first pressing play on ark, it sometimes doesn't even load, it says it's playing but it doesnt open, and occasionally it opens up a battleeye tab and says "Trying to install battleeye" "Failed to install battleye" Something along those lines. Please help.
  3. I think the native linux build has been updated..
  4. Has Linux been forgotten by Wildcard? Because the Native Linux build hasn't been updated since AUGUST 15TH!! And there has been 1 or 2 patches since then.. (See here: The Native Linux Build https://steamdb.info/depot/346112/ ) Battle-Eye and Proton Do NOT Work together, Battle-Eye is required to play on Official servers, and most of POPULATED servers are not appearing whilst using only Proton. Ark alone doesn't work well, I really need help. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated, a link to a guide, a link to some information. ANYTHING.
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