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  1. I have tribe mates in the US and in Mexico. US guys have no problem at all with the server, the Mexico guy experiences it sometimes and I have it really bad always. Current theory is that a Chinese oil tanker dropped an anchor on a cable.
  2. I am experiencing the issue exactly as @Mean2u444 has described. I am also in OC region and basically cannot play on EU servers due to insane rubber banding. It started 1 week ago. It's never been this bad before. Even the worst lag during events was nothing compared to this. It is seriously unplayable. I think it's network related because the server appears to tick away normally, eg my babies die exactly as expected while it takes 2 minutes to open their inventory.
  3. Use a big HP magmasaur to tank it since it doesn't cop any burn damage and theri + lots of cakes to get behind it and deal some big damage. Deinonychus is good but they tend to die . . . if you have someone who has the engrams and who doesn't mind suiciding a chicken, then it's worth bringing one along. Bring more cakes than you think you will need. If you bring too many cakes you can always put them back into the fridge after, but if you don't bring enough then gg.
  4. Please make it 2x breeding permanently. 1x is not only unhealthy, it's incredibly boring.
  5. Yeah, the server I play on has crashed a bunch of times over and over. . . happened to be when I tried to throw out a magmasaur.
  6. Aberration blue zone, drake was destroyed after being attacked by a wild roll rat.
  7. I'm really glad there is a delay honestly. Really don't need a repeat of the utter chaos when extinction was released. Extinction content is disgustingly OP and broken even today.
  8. https://streamable.com/szrht I 1v1 the Titan King with a roll rat.
  9. I did nothing because there hasn't been a patch for Linux/Mac for over a week so Linux/Mac users have been unable to play. Wildcard has seemly dropped support for those platforms.
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