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  1. Or, play PvP. In PvP, you won't be mourning your dead dinos. You'll learn that dinos are expendable & consumable. You'll learn how to hide really well, how to build small and you'll learn ark diplomacy - making friends with bigger tribes so they don't destroy you. PvP is hard but it's far more rewarding IMO than PvE.
  2. It's not hacking. They simply got pregnant with a reaper on aberration then transferred to crystal isles to birth it. The same stupid bug that genesis had.
  3. Playing DLC map takes me to steam page Every time I go to play either aberration or crystal isles, I get taken to the steam page to download the map. But I already have the DLC installed. I have downloaded it already and steam says I have it installed. Linux patch 311.72 Any ideas?
  4. It sounds like you just got unlucky and some bigger tribe wanted to place a teleporter in your hidden patch. I'd just try again, your strategy is a good one but you just lucked out.
  5. Yep that happens sometimes. Sometimes things get randomly deleted during upload, and sometimes things get randomly duped. I haven't worked out how to prevent it so if I need to transfer something important, I transfer it on my character rather than using ark data.
  6. I think it's pretty clear that Wildcard does not have good enough processes for QC testing. This is self evident by the fact on some days we get multiple patches and server restarts through the day, and that there are often regressions. For example mek collision avoidance was fixed only to be broken again a few patches later. But we all still play the game, we all buy new DLC and there is no commercial pressure for anything to change . . . so . . . no point complaining. RE ferox, only level the ferox in big form. Do not level in little form. Make it big before applying levels. The big and little ferox are basically different creatures with different sets of stats & only one set of XP. Spend your levels on the big form.
  7. The tldr; of any breeding question is breed heaps more and you'll get there. Q: how do I ......? A: breed more Done.EZ
  8. Lol sounds like a time I tried to breed rats as an experiment in single player with all the breeding multipliers set to massive numbers. I had to hard power off my pc at the wall and delete my single player saves.
  9. As I understand it, blocking spawns with turrets, structures or even angry dinos is breaking the law. You can't stop players spawning on a server. But blocking obelisks and drops is fine. If you go unprepared you can be trapped
  10. Reliable servers and less hot fix patches would be nice.
  11. Rhinos were always incredibly OP. I had a tamed rhino on unofficials that hit for 7k damage. I mean, nothing else even comes close to that amount of damage except bred gigas. IMO rhinos needed a nerf even for early game PVP. Even post nerf they are still a good counter to gigas and they still bloody hurt.
  12. Probs pretty desperate to get home after a long day of making hot fixes to live code.
  13. Yeah, the server I play on has crashed a bunch of times over and over. . . happened to be when I tried to throw out a magmasaur.
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