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  1. I have tribe mates in the US and in Mexico. US guys have no problem at all with the server, the Mexico guy experiences it sometimes and I have it really bad always. Current theory is that a Chinese oil tanker dropped an anchor on a cable.
  2. I am experiencing the issue exactly as @Mean2u444 has described. I am also in OC region and basically cannot play on EU servers due to insane rubber banding. It started 1 week ago. It's never been this bad before. Even the worst lag during events was nothing compared to this. It is seriously unplayable. I think it's network related because the server appears to tick away normally, eg my babies die exactly as expected while it takes 2 minutes to open their inventory.
  3. Please make it 2x breeding permanently. 1x is not only unhealthy, it's incredibly boring.
  4. Yeah, the server I play on has crashed a bunch of times over and over. . . happened to be when I tried to throw out a magmasaur.
  5. Aberration blue zone, drake was destroyed after being attacked by a wild roll rat.
  6. I'm really glad there is a delay honestly. Really don't need a repeat of the utter chaos when extinction was released. Extinction content is disgustingly OP and broken even today.
  7. https://streamable.com/szrht I 1v1 the Titan King with a roll rat.
  8. I did nothing because there hasn't been a patch for Linux/Mac for over a week so Linux/Mac users have been unable to play. Wildcard has seemly dropped support for those platforms.
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