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  1. Smack it with a roll rat. If they are heavies you'll need at least 500% melee and the rest into HP. Optionally use flame arrows to deal with the plant x first.
  2. If you want to play the game, you need Windows. That's the simple fact of the matter. Wildcard should stop claiming that Ark runs on Mac and Linux because it doesn't. It is dishonest to sell the game to Linux/Mac users.
  3. My tribe has found a creature with an ability that is very useful that no other tribe has bothered to breed. We've made good progress and got it to a point where its competitive and actually paying for itself in PVP. While no other tribe has this creature to this level, we are making the most before a possible nerf comes in. Honestly there are a lot of dinos that haven't been breed to the extreme that have abilities that I think haven't been explored properly on official PVP servers. So, when one thing gets nerfed the meta will change and something else becomes viable to breed the heck out of.
  4. Ahh, ok, thank you for explaining this. I understand the issue now and agree that it's broken.
  5. It's true, my only real interest in the game is breeding for mutations. I mean yeah you can get mutations indefinitely, that's why we breed in the first place (mostly). Consider it still takes years to reach the level cap through breeding on official rates. Changing mutation breeding would be a big slap in the face to those who have been breeding for mutations for years. I personally would go find another game, or work on my fitness before corvid-19 gets me xDDDDD tldr; mutation breeding is hard, tribes that do it deserve their powerful creatures.
  6. The tek suit repair costs was a long over due fix. They didn't break tek suits, they fixed them. If you want to run around in a fancy end game tek suit, get good at farming boi. Or just don't get hit by the wildlife.
  7. The problem was that tek suits were brokenly over powered and it's almost impossible to die in a capped armour 2k+ tek suit. It's a survival game, yes a top tier end game item is supposed to increase your suitability but they were too good. The other problem was that the repair cost did not scale with quality. This always seemed like a bug or an oversight to me. In any case it's been changed to bring it in line with every other repairable item in the game. They weren't problems with official PVP, they were problems with the game that affected YOUR server. If you don't like it I guess you can just spawn in a new tek suit whenever you need one.
  8. A mutation is a % chance event that occurs during breeding. This event will increase a random stat by 2 points and change a colour region. Dinos have stats and mutation counters, they don't have any attribute for damage mutations or weight mutations etc . . . there is no way to know which stat was changed by a mutation without inspecting the parents stats to see what has changed. I can tell you know what you're talking about but IMHO calling them weight and damage mutations is misleading and confusing for people who are learning the ropes.
  9. A mutation is an event that may improve a stat on the baby. You don't have 'dam mutations' or 'weight mutations', the mutation was an event that caused the damage or weight to increase. You can breed your improved stats together into one creature. There's no adverse affect from mutations occurring.
  10. Nonono, I think the OP means you should be able to transfer from PVE to PVP servers, but not the other way around. So, you can get some dinos, prefab a base all on PVE and then transfer to PVP when you feel capable of holding your own. I actually think it's a great idea.
  11. The repair costs were stupid before. Expensive flak costs more to repair than prim. The same should apply to tek. If it takes a week to farm a good tek suit then it should take you at least a couple of days to farm up repairs as well. You want nice things, then you need to pay for it.
  12. Yes but do it the other way around. breed your good stats over to a male, then tame/breed/clone females with zero mutations. Mutation breeding is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time and space. If you want to do it properly, forget about the mutation count and focus on getting the stats over to a male. Then work on getting as many 0/0 females as possible, and breed your good male with those 0/0 females as often as you can. Don't even bother trying to breed mutated females with 0/0 male.
  13. If everyone could imprint a wyvern . . .
  14. It is always possible to obtain a new mutation so long as one parent has less than 20 mutations. If you breed your 0/20 female with a 0/0 male, you may get a mutation. The baby with have 20/0 mutations, though. There is no way to reset the counter to 0/0 because the mutations of the parents are added together. Actually there is a way to reset the counter by breeding with negative mutations but that's a whole different story . . .
  15. I think what you're after is the alpha male breeding method. This method basically is relies on the fact that it doesn't matter what the mutation count is on your male, as long as you are breeding with plenty of 0/0 females. Basically, with this breeding method, you will need a LOT of females with zero mutations. The stats on the females don't matter, all that matters is that they have zero mutations. They can be lvl 5 (in fact some people breed the stats out to get less than lvl 5 and then clone them). An optimal number of 0/0 females is around 300. With 300 will make good, fast progress, but it will require a lot of space and it actually takes a long time to breed that many. tldr; get as many 0/0 females as you can, the more the better. Decide on a stat that you want to improve, lets say HP. Find a male with your best HP, he is your alpha breeder. Breed your alpha male with all of the 0/0 females. There is a small chance that you will get a baby with a mutation on the female side that will improve the males stat. If you get a female baby with better HP than your alpha male, raise it and add to the pile of breeding females. If you find a male baby with better HP, then it will become your new alpha breeder. After you get a few improvements in HP, you may want to switch to working on melee instead.
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