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  1. I take it all back. A patch did come out for Linux today. I am actually thrilled and very grateful and apologize for being a bit quick to jump on the rage wagon. Thanks Wildcard!! I promise I don't have bipolar or anything.
  2. Are you SERIOUS?? @Cedric Again, Linux misses out on an event, just like we miss out on the first 3 weeks of every new DLC and every other event. I'm not surprised but I am really disappointed. This is not ok!!!
  3. MEKS. PVP is all about meks. However has the most duped meks and element to run them wins.
  4. Rock drakes have always been fairly bugged when it comes to the mesh, especially in the radiation zone on the black rocky ground textures. A lot of wilds will boop them into the ground and with the new anti-mesh, it's instant GG for the drake. It needs to be fixed. One of my drakes got pushed into the ground by a wild roll rat and it got poofed away by antimesh
  5. You could mind wipe and put all your points into crafting, but then you are stuck playing as a crafting character for 24 hours.
  6. Wellll i mean it is described on gamepedia isn't it? What I think most people do is if you tame a creature worth cloning (like a crab, basilisk, rock golem etc) and it has good stats, then you name it stuff like "DON'T LEVEL", "DNT OR DESPAWN YOUR VAULT" "DNT OR I CRYOSICK YOUR DINOS UNDERWATER" "DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT" and so on. clone some asap for backups because someone will definitely come along and level it.
  7. Ah yes you are right. The mistake was you only need to breed with the 30th generation which is 1073741824 mutations. So you breed 2^30 + 2^27 + 2^26 together to form -1,744,830,464.
  8. I've been talking about this quite a lot lately with my tribe and ark friends. If you are only looking to improve 1 stat (like HP on turtles, or melee on gigas), then it's just as fast to have clean ( 0/0 mutation) females and a male with a negative mutation count. This is a lot easier to maintain and work with than -1 muta females. If you want to get mutations fast then the only way to do it is to have 200+ females (either negative muta or clean). However if you want to improve multiple stats like HP/stam/melee together, it's faster to use -1 breeding and you can also get away with a smaller harem. Maybe 75 females would be enough for improving 3 stats with -1 females.
  9. Yes Think of a mutation as an 'event' that may occur when dinos are bred rather than a mutation being some attribute of the dino. When a mutation occurs, you get a 2 point increase in a random stat and this is permanent.
  10. Aberration blue zone, drake was destroyed after being attacked by a wild roll rat.
  11. Delicate theri headbutting ice worms on ragnarok is pretty much the best way I know of. Or delicate theri headbutting stuff in the swamp, using rare flowers so you don't have to chase things around so much.
  12. Build a wall and make the theri pay for it
  13. I could not agree more with the OP. It's very encouraging to see Wildcard making these improvements. Now please make the anti-mesh system work on players who have eaten bug replant or are wearing hazard gear/tek suits.
  14. bruh i got pounced off a roll rat. this was a roll rat levelled for speed. speed roll rats are FAST. somehow this wild raptor managed to jump on me through the metal cage saddle (that not even turrets can shoot through) while I was travelling at literally the speed that my computer can load the terrain. i went from the speed of light to being pinned on the ground in an instant. i should have died from the g-forces. i hate raptors.
  15. Park a few pheonix in front of a gacha, keep it rendered then check gacha in a few hours and then tell me how useless phoenix are. Easy pearls.
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