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  1. You are a stupid selfish child.
  2. Cent dont deny your rude. Your always coming to my base, eating all my food, and you don't even flush the toilet ?
  3. Omg, seriously? He was making a joke. Maybe raptor clause will gift you a sense of humor for arkmas
  4. He flies in different places. Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll drop it on your door step. or tame a ptera
  5. Yay now murder turkeys. They look innocent but they are not your friends
  6. No. Why did you insist I was wrong in the other post and to follow your link to this one, and it turns out to be what we were saying in the other post. This would take time away from tlc's and other game development for something you could make in to a mod for a niche community
  7. And you don't understand that anything you propose will take resources, such as man power and hours, which we would like focused elsewhere
  8. No why follow the link to something thats already been talked about. I hate the idea of classes and games that have them so I play this game, that doesn't have them
  9. No. There are games for that. No need to make this game like them, just play those
  10. Well we did get a background check and well... but is it unofficial, official and single player? Personally ive had some stupid issues with all of them. The fix isnt always apparent
  11. If you post the crash log it "could" narrow some things. The crash log should go to your clipboard. Also posting your specs as steam sees them. Sometimes steam gets its wires crossed. Its in steam under help, system specs
  12. Again? They only delayed it once so far. Don't understand what the big deal is
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