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  1. App? There’s an app for server maintenance? I’m using my laptop as a server then connecting to it through my Xbox as are my friends. If you could help us get back up n building that’d be amazing
  2. Same. Downloaded the update and now my dedicated server no matter which map won’t let me place anything. But it works in single player I’ve noticed. Anyone got a fix?
  3. Can’t seem to find out how to transfer character So I’ve been playing on The Island and finally beat the bosses so I can upload my character. Well all that was good and fine but now I’m in scorched earth and can’t seem to find a way to upload my character so I can travel to aberration with my gear and Dino’s. All I’m getting is transfer to another server but I don’t have any server clusters. I’m hosting the server on my pc and connecting to it through my Xbox so me and my friends don’t have tether limit. Any help?
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