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  1. forgot the problem is coming from the cutscenes that’s why you get deleted cause the program is supposed to upload you on the next ark so even if you cheat your way through commands you still get deleted if the cutscene plays and no download isn’t enabled
  2. Yeah you have to upload your character to scorched earth and all the other maps in the storyline beforehand just don’t visit abberation or else you’d be stuck till you goto the surface so as long as you visit scorched earth and extinction before ascending and enable no download options as well it’ll work this same issue happens on any map where an end clip is involved so you’ll see this problem again when you go to cut scenes on maps like abberation and extinction
  3. Tame following and settings bug Can anybody tell me how we can report to wildcard the bug where the settings keep being reset after the game is closed and having tamed continuously following me when I need to open my Radial menu
  4. There’s a way you can stop this. If you have bought all maps before you ascend the glitch is coming from the game automatically trying to upload you to scorched earth which doesn’t work at all. Till wild card fixes it best way to avoid deletion is uploading your survivor at an obelisk or transmitter then redownload it and enable all the “No download options” in settings before you go fight in the tek cave or Rockwell cause of any of those options are unchecked the game will bug delete your character
  5. If I may I have a megalania from island and brought it out to aberration and not sure but if you have one it definitely would help in aberration until rock drakes if you can transfer it over and not sure but I haven’t noticed it taking radiation damage as well if anybody who can also try I’d love to know
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