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  1. Increase crafting limit. At the moment the maximum craft stack a crafting assembly is 1000. With the release of extinction the use of tek replicators has increased. seeing as you are about to fill the rep up with enough cementing paste and obsidian to make 14k+ polymer I would suggest increasing the craft limit to 5000.
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    Though you couldn't build in the crystal cave on SE, tried to pillar it on PVE once, maybe it was a glitch.
  3. I love SE purely because it was the first map that taught me to truly survive, weather events, 1/3 extra food and water consumption, the idea that if my dino dies half way across the map getting back to base is a challenge rather than something that can be breezes like some of the other maps. my partner and I started playing about 6 months into playing and since then it has always been our favorite map. Like previous posts have said the weather is part and parcel of game play on SE, like radiation on Ab and Corrupted Dinos on Extinction. It is something that makes the map unique and something that has to be adapted to. SE taught me that everything wants to kill you.... which made Ab easier... which made Extinction easier.
  4. I ran Ab throughout the whole of the event and managed to get drops on 7/10 days, the only real issue was the presents that dropped outside of the world barrier, presents in awkward places such as in your second and third picture can be reached with a Tek suit (I know not everyone has this but with element being so easy to farm on Ab and the ability to unlock it on 3 different maps now means that the unlocks are at the hardest a facebook deal away). I also think being able to time yourself getting on and off a drake or mana without being eaten by a reaper is all part and parcel of the Ab surface, drakes can cloak as mentioned in a previous post and also stick to rocks just out of aggro range until the present is ready to be picked up. I lost 2 drakes, a Spino and 2 light pets this event down to my own stupidly but still found that ab was by far the easiest place to get drops in large quantities.
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