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  1. me being at the heart of where all this chaos is happening i think wild card choice correctly to wait. it is a little stressing right now and maybe a good idea to wait for the storm to calm down a little. I do... wish wild card did give details of console release however...
  2. WOW! SO HYPED!!!! Now we are getting a TLC AND a new map. Please, I am begging you, join sides with Ark Additions and add the Cryolophosaurus, Concavanator, and Domination Rex with the TLC as in past ones you have added Dino's. If you did that would really boost the game in my opinion. STILL HYPED THOUGH WITH THIS NEWS! Can't wait to see the teasers coming in the future.
  3. Okay, obviously you are over reacting. If you think about it, they said they are gonna make Genesis work properly as well as making sure all the coding is working. And they are also trying new things with the quests now. I am sure everyone else is upset about this as much as I am, but asking for a refund is just childish. Having said this I am so hyped now as we finally get some more looks at the boss as well as the lunar biome. Excited for the trailer release!!!
  4. Happy Holidays to you WC as well as to the rest of the ark community. I am so excited for Genesis whenever you release it. I know that making a new style of game can be tough, take all the time you need Wild Card. As I always say, it is better to get a working dlc that is late rather then a buggy dlc on time. Also, please give us a new Turtle or even a boss teaser soon. I REALLY WANNA SEE THEM!!!!!!
  5. I think wildcard is trying to make us think that they showed everything, and they are going to put up a huge hype community crunch.
  6. I think it is a saddle. Reasons: 1: It has a large space between areas of the entier thing. 2: Wild card already showed the shoulder cannon thing a month or so ago as well as showed it in when they did the funraiseing live stream. 3: It has fins along the sides, which can be attached to the fins of the space whale, or maybe a new 'aquatic' animal we dont know of. Now, i am not entierly sure if it is for the space whale, but it is definitly not the shoulder cannon. Maybe an aquatic item that the survivor can use; a sub, one of those things scuba divers use to help propel th
  7. Agreed. they should have made new dodo-crossovers. but at least we are having the event and the dodorex and dodowyvern at all with Genesis in two months.
  8. Has no one thought of the fact with taxidermy we can get Dodorex and all the other event creatures for fear evolved and keep them as a trophy in our bases? Also, i think we might be getting an underwater gun.
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