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  1. None of you are getting it. You dont own the OFFICIAL SERVER. It's for everyone. You are pillarring everything. Not just at your base to avoid close neighbors. And pillarring rivers and beaches is stupid too. There is no reason for it. And when servers are empty most of the time because the people who play it barely play and those same servers are pillared out the ass, that is just stupid. The point of official servers is for the interaction with other people. It's fun playing with others. If you dont like new players and dont like other players, then YOU should go play unofficial or host your
  2. Pillaring has killed Ark I left Ark right after Extinction released. All my friends quit and moved on to other games. I just recently attempted to get back into Ark and the current status of Ark is sad. All Official PVE Servers are pillared to the extreme. All rivers and beaches, all ruins, and all good spots "near" resources all claimed by pillars. I joined empty PVE servers there were pillared like crazy. If I were a new player., wanting to try out Ark (this is basically the only way they will ever make more money), I would give up. This is unbelievable. Also noticing that people ar
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