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  1. What time in the uk can I start transferring dinos to valguero official please
  2. What’s the community crunch sorry I’m terrible at forum policies
  3. Valguero official pve transfers in Hey I know there’s a post but that way in July I’m trying to find out if it’s officially transfer day today I’m from uk so it’s the 29th today any information will be appreciated thanks.
  4. It’s up to your preference in how to play I just re started pve official
  5. Could anyone be kind enough Hi folks I just returned to ark official valguero after time off for personal issues and I’m just looking for a little help re starting from scratch and would love for a little help if someone would be kind enough so just help me out getting some fresh dinos I would be soo appreciative sorry for asking just the grind of starting fresh again is killing me and jusy be nice to get a little help so if someone out there could be sweeet enough message me thank you so much for your time
  6. Help Hey guys I don’t want to be a pest but I have currently had a long break from the addiction we know as ark and I don’t wanna go through the official grind again I’ve done it countless amount of times and I’m now asking any official PS4 ark players on pve to just help out and if you have any spare dinos and gear to help out sorry for asking as it is part of the grind I do enjoy but I kinda wanna skip some so thank you for your time and hopefully someone will be kind enough to just give me a little bit much love from your fellow arker
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