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  1. New Ark mobile PVE Max settings and lvl 100 server limited slots available I have set this small 6 slot server for the next few months to enjoy a good peaceful pve game. I've maxed out the settings as much as possible on the mobile version. Hopefully if all goes well I will keep the server active and aim to increase the amount of server slots but this is only as long as the server remains populated and the server rules are upheld. There are pretty much no rules other then don't take the Micky on build area and don't stop access to resources You will be provided with a starting kit within which you will get a small house and the basics to get u started and a oh and a Max level boost should help too. There are currently no end goal for the server however I would love to be able to complete the "quests", caves and bosses after giving everyone the chance to settle in and have their base set up. We are open to suggestions to keep the server populated and active for as long as possible. If this sounds good to you then please feel free to send me a message on my discord page https://discord.gg/PjymK3 or my personal discord user: ste88#8829 for the sever details and password for access
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