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  1. With all the new colors being added for dinos, I'd love to see new craftable colors for use on our hair, armors, saddles, and structures. Maybe even make one recipe that can give random options with a combination of berries and other items, like element dust. Rare random colors would be fun to try for. Please consider it!
  2. I was also experiencing this today - my game crashed multiple times on the main menu after getting this error. It may be incidental, but after verifying integrity of game files (Under the local files tab of properties in the steam library) I can run the game.
  3. X-Argentavis spawn rate and behavior. I've been searching for days for X-Argentavis in the Arctic biome with very little success on official PvE. They are way too rare. When I do find one, it most often either disappears without explanation, or flies upwards, without coming back down, until it's out of render distance (making them extremely hard to tame on a map that doesn't allow flying). I can't imagine this is working as intended, and seems like a bug that might need to be looked into.
  4. Also having this issue with the Argy! Hoping it's fixed soon.
  5. I'm sure it's extremely hard to balance tribes overruning the server with dinos that they leave out, causing game-breaking lag against the ability of a solo player to get anything done at all. I'm a solo/VERY small tribe person. I have played on smalltribes, PvP ORP CrossArk, and PvE. I can see upping the breeding rates specifically being a problem on PvE servers, where players tend to build huge structures and leave dinos unpodded. Increasing breeding rates would contribute to making these servers unplayable pretty fast. On PvP servers it's less of an issue - bases get
  6. Disappearing X-Argies (Taming issues) I haven't had good luck with taming X-Argentavis. Here's how it works for me: I will spot one I want to tame, go back to base to get a taming kit, and by the time I get back, it's gone. Either that, or what happened tonight - I get my supplies, go back, verify it's still there, and by the time I've put down a trap nearby, it's gone. At this point, I'm just confused and frustrated. What is going on? How does it go from walking around to gone that quickly? This isn't how Argies behave on other maps. I'm not finding bags on the ground,
  7. This is a great change, the rates on official were pretty needlessly punishing. It shouldn't be impossible to get a perfect tame on a dino with kibble. I'd suggest some changes to breeding, like many others have. I'll offer an example: I'm currently raising Ravagers, a pretty entry-level tame, but they have a 2-day breeding timer and have VERY little room for error on imprinting. They also take a really long time to raise, particularly to get out of the baby phase. My suggestion: Decrease the amount of time a dino is a baby in general. I'd also suggest increasing the
  8. It takes about 21 AC units in the arctic biome.
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