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  1. [PC] TEKTONIC PVP - The Chasm, Valguero & The Island - Casual, balanced PVP - x5 All, new season Tektonic PVP has just launched a fresh season featuring the Chasm, an Aberration-style map by the creator of Valguero. Today two more maps - Valguero and Island - were added to the cluster. Settings and mods are built for a casual but balanced game. A small, friendly community is ready to jump in and is looking for more survivors to join in the fun. >>> TEKTONIC PVP DISCORD <<< Installed are a few quality-of-life mods for structures, stacking, reusables and utilities, and a couple of plugins to make PVP more fun. Partial ORP and soul storage can keep some of your things safe, and loot tables have been reworked. Connection links and extra info on mods and rules can be found in the Discord, say hello! Settings: x5 Tame, x5 Harvest, x5 Exp x10 Baby Mature, x5 Egg Hatch 4 players per tribe, 2 tribes per alliance, 2 alliances per tribe Damage numbers & crosshair enable
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