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  1. You sound like you tell people with depression to just smile. Like first, if you bitching no one gonna listen to you. Second, tf does them raising money have to do with it? third, EVERYONE. ON. PVP. CHEATS. Every big tribe. Every single one. I've been in them, they do. You might not see it, but they do. So it will not be fixed because everyone does. Also, yall are raptoring assholes! Why would devs want to fix things for a bunch of raptoring assholes?
  2. Hey buddy. I'll do you a favor and respond man to man on a few of the points you seem to be mad about. I'd say take it cuz ur not gonna get the response you want here. 1st: They did not end the event early. The day they ended it this funny little thing called daylight savings happened and by all clocks, yesterday was only 23 hours. 2nd: Here is a fancy little list of everything that was added. Just because they didn't do the QOL changes YOU want, doesn't mean they didn't. 3rd: Ark 2 is said to be an entirely different game. If you don't like how the devs run this game then either; stop raptor
  3. they came back up just the wipe restarted so it removes from your survivors. Its super weird. you keep your character though
  4. The PVP ARKpocalypse servers affected by the maintenance 2 days ago still haven't came back up. The server just wiped and had over 500 players playing on wipe day, yet the server is still down.
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