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  1. in the Wiki, "Loot crate" refers to rewards in the Caves. please look at the image https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Crate
  2. it don't specify Genesis, I'm trying to figure out if anyone had a source about it (if it applies, for example, to The Island as well)
  3. Full pass on Loot Crates as v309.53 - 04/03/2020 Does anyone know the details of this statement? Current Version: v309.53 - 04/03/2020 "Completed a full pass on Loot Crates to improve loot variation and quality"
  4. Mek + Siege Cannon Module for taming Titanosaur: cannon shells? I'm looking at crafting a Primitive Mek + Siege Cannon Module for taming a Titanosaur dedicated private server, no changes are made on difficulty (Lvl 1-5 Titanosaur) how many cannon shells should i create? the price for cannon shells is high and i wish had to create just one Mek
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