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  1. Argy scorpion quetzal taming Hi guys, I have seen people using this method on pc and console. Does it work on mobile? I can’t seem to get the scorpion to attack while being carried thanks!
  2. ArkBuildOff tournament Episode 1 Hello everyone! Im very excited to announce that Episode 1 of the 2020 ArkBuildOff mobile build tournament in collaboration with Wardrum studios and Nitrado mobile servers premieres tonight! Come and check it out at 10pm UK time! Ark Mobile Build Tournament (ArkBuildOff.com) - Episode 1 https://youtu.be/anW3VkF5NKU Many thanks! tranquility
  3. Thanks for this, I realised it was trying to make the dye in bulk that was the problem. When making it in single batches of 5 it worked fine as you suggest above. Annoying but easily solved! thanks for your post though!
  4. Hi there, the metal staircase does not act as a wall and cannot support the metal ceiling. You would need a nearby wall to support the ceiling. Also you may not be able to place the ceiling when the staircase has been placed. Place the ceiling first then the staircase. If however you have extended the ceiling out 2 ceilings distance beyond a foundation you will not be able to place the ceiling as it will not have a foundation. let me know if that doesn’t solve the issue! tranquility
  5. Creating dyes - confused! Hello everyone! i am trying to create the full range of dyes listed at ark.gamepedia.com but I can’t seem to make some of them on ark mobile. For example I can make Forrest green but when trying to make regular green, or brown for that matter it just makes blue. is the dye colour range smaller for ark mobile? Or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Great I am pleased you found it useful. I use it a lot! You can also use it to place a pillar in the middle of a wall as it fits between where the door goes then replace the door frame with a wall and you have a pillar travelling through the middle of the wall. I tend however to use the slopes walls more as they allow clipping at many more angles than door frames offer.
  7. One trick I regularly use is using a ceiling attached to wall giving you another snap point. This can be used for aesthetic purposes to stick a stone railing or a door frame to the wall or give a different look or to make a pvp base more secure by doubling or even tripling (using flipped) walls. Once the snap point has been used you can delete the wall. Another useful trick is “reserving the place” to place walls that won’t place because of clipping by using door frames (to make walls cross (make an X from above) and using slopes walls to make them clip at an angle. Once these walls
  8. Hi there! Great to hear of another ark mobile builder!! have you registered for the BuildOff tournament? Check it out if you have a chance! Ark Build Off Tournament Trailer
  9. The challenge? It’s what I like! The other building games are designed for building. I love wrestling the mad building mechanics of ark! thanks for the mention though!
  10. Ark Build Off Tournament Hello all! i am excited to tell you all about a new YouTube series I have begun! The Ark Build Off Tournament is a 1vs1 build tournament judged by some of the best YouTube ark builders (Aaron longstaff, On Cue, Sven P and Captain fatdog!) supported by Wardrum studios who are providing an epic top prize for the winner! Each tournament match will be turned into a YouTube episode! interested in competing? Check out the tournament trailer! Ark Build Off Tournament Trailer For more information and to register visit www.
  11. Hi there I found this video to make the ceilings fish when doing octagons. Works a treat!
  12. Do all my builds on single player - with god mode... can’t be arsed with grinding resources!
  13. Ark base build - the monastery! Hi all! just thought I would share my latest creation, a chapel and hidden monastery! Ark Mobile Base Build - The Monastery would love to hear what you guys think of it!
  14. Hi there, you can’t connect the rafts they have to be positioned very carefully I used walls to line them up. Was really fiddly but worked a treat. You can pilot them once positioned by destroying the one foundation that sits over the controls and then replacing it once repositioned. One really cool feature is there is no clipping between the rafts so the walls can over lap which is handy too
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