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  1. The Floating Prison Ark Mobile base build Hi everyone, here is another of my recent base builds. This is a fully floating prison built across 10 wooden rafts! Again would love to hear what you think! tranquility
  2. Hershel’s farm - Walking dead ark mobile build Hello everyone, just thought I would share some of my mobile builds! First up is one of the iconic buildings from my favourite TV show - The Walking Dead Let me know what you think guys! Tranquility
  3. Mobile server structure count Hello all, just wondering if anyone knows what the structure count on a mobile server is? is it less or more than single player? Is it the same? would love to know! thanks in advance! tranquility
  4. when you’re out of ideas of what to build seek inspiration from the past... the distant past lol
  5. Thundercats are go! Hey all! had a go at building the base from my all time favourite cartoon - Thundercats! It was way harder than I thought and I might need to rename the cartoon Thunderdogs but was good fun all the same! Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Thundercats Base Build Tour What should I build next? Have an idea or request send me a message via the forum or my discord! https://discord.gg/QpjByZt Tranquility
  6. Hey TAG, I am playing single player on an iPhone 11 so maybe that’s why it doesn’t crash. tranquility
  7. Hi, You would thinks so, but it has never crashed once on my phone tranquility
  8. Space Base Alpha Hello everyone, I have finally finished my newest big build - Space Base Alpha! 6 domes, two farms a hatchery, habitation elevators and a whole lot more! Would love to hear what you all think. Also made this build into my first speed build for those interested! As ever would love a few build suggestions or requests if you have any! thanks, Tranquility Eden https://discord.gg/5QrTNRm
  9. Hi JB, thanks man. Took a bit of trial and error but am really pleased with the result. Got any ideas for my next build? Always looking for things to try and build! thanks again! tranquility
  10. Hello typical ark gamer, thanks man! Really appreciate your message! The octagon base is easy to do, pillar, ceiling on top, two fence foundations, 2 walls and a ceiling. Rinse and repeat. I use a slightly different method to this guy but his method works well (and he has done a tutorial while I have not lol!!) The 16 sided base is a little more complicated but I have Captain fatdog’s (link in vid description) tutorial to thank for that, he is the real genius The spino attack was not an issue on my single player but it could well be. I guess a surrounding ring of spikes would solve that issue as you suggest. I have never played on a pvp server so have never used turrets. Might have a go at adding some and post a few pics! I have a few other build vids take a look if you get a few mins free, just started making vids and need the views Thanks again for you message! Tranquility
  11. The Dome! Hello all, I have just finished my most advanced build to date, The Dome! Check it out! Please let me know what you think! i am also looking for build ideas if anyone has any? thanks, tranquility
  12. Dino Transport Hub Hello all, Just finished my Dino Transport Hub! Check it out here: Dino Transport Hub Would really appreciate your opinions!! Thanks! Tranquility
  13. Hi, pretty sure you need more ACs. Think 5 minimum. Do you have a generator to power it?
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