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  1. Ok!? I didnt find anything about this setting. Do you think you can help me?
  2. Info setting Hello Survive the ark, ive a "trivial" question for you. Is there any way to raid defend the players only during the week, and during the weekend they can raid? That is, for example, from Monday to Friday they will be protected, and on Saturday and Sunday they can be raided. If its possible, can you tell me how i could do it?
  3. Mysql for server Hello, is there any way to integrate mysql for mysql servers? I want all players and all tribes to be saved in a database. Can anyone help me with an answer?
  4. Change supply drop Hello guys, I recently opened an ARK server and would like to change something in the default supply drops. Can anyone give me game.ini with all the drops for the white, green, blue, pink, yellow. Anybody can help me?
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