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  1. Have you ever seen a particularly well thought out build in Ark(Maybe it was a whole building, maybe it was a Tek Trough arrangement...) and thought to yourself, 'that's f###### brilliant '? The other day, I saw a friends trough setup in his raising pen and had exactly that thought. He had taken the base of generator surrounded by troughs on all sides then built pillars around them and ceiling tiles topped with more tek troughs and an elevator to access the second layer. It was simple and maximized the space occupied. This has inspired me to take to building again. I will be posting weekly updates to show what im building and explain why and list out materials and processes used along the way. Here is where you all come in. Let me know what you've seen that blew you away in a build, and I will try to incorporate it in mine. Once the build is done, I'll post a list of mats needed and plans for you all. I'm looking forward to your comments, GreedyPaul Ark server 917 Tribe of Maz
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