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  1. So it says the Primitive Plus Servers are offline; why would that change offline solo games like this? Also, what happens to builds when it -does- go back online? Do I need to remove structures I placed in places where Prim used to be? If I keep playing this file, does it lose all high tech stuff the same way it lost the Prim? Will it take a long time, to the point where I can take all my favorite dinos, upload them to an Obelisk and transfer them to Vanilla Solo just so I stop freaking out? Or do I expect this file will just get corrupted the rest of the way eventually and give up on having a grand dinosaur adventure alone...
  2. Primitive Plus Solo Game reverted, new game in Primitive still Standard I’ve been playing a Valguerro solo map offline to try it out; on Primitive Plus mode for extra crafting complexities and the neat extra design features. I updated today and now my game SAYS it’s loaded Primitive Plus Official on main screen, and my file is available, but everything has reverted to Standard. All my engram points were refunded, storage boxes reverted to old appearances, and my extra crafting stations (and TONS OF MATERIALS) are now gone. I suppose I should be grateful the game’s not totally destroyed, but I have no idea how to revert this save file back, or get those seeds/firewood/food/housing pieces I’d been saving back. I tried starting a new game in one of the other maps, making triply sure it was loaded under Primitive Plus Official, and it loaded with Standard engrams. Thought maybe it might help add more to the possible data. But seriously, this is a blow if the game is so unstable that a minor content update would completely wreck hours worth of work on a solo, not even server based game file. Would anyone have any possible solutions, if I can’t get my items back at least a way to reenable the Primitive Plus content again? It was genuinely fun to play and I’d like to have it back.
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