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  1. Not unless the admin of your Genesis server gives you the cluster code... Ive tried it on my two and it does not work (or did not as of Jan this year).
  2. Yeah my brother is a developer as well, he is working on a STEAM based server right now with all maps in the cluster. I got the INI files setup the way we like them, he is just building the hardware right now for it. He works with people all day that doing know how to turn a computer on LoL. I dont know who/how we will admin it. I like the official servers because of friends i play with , but there is no support for issues on legacy any more, and official is becoming the same way unfortunately. It kinda stinks.
  3. Official PAID Servers? Just a thought, but with all of the support issues that I see on here dealing with PVE Griefing of players (I.e.. pillaring, spawn blocking, new player spawn location building, etc etc). Would anyone here PAY for a set of official servers that WildCard would offer in game support for? To have a support team that actually read your tickets instead of “auto closing” them (we all have seen that action is rarely taken), or just telling you to talk it out in game would be awesome. Yeah I can do a private server (and I do) but the official ones I dont have to be home for
  4. On PVP no... on PVE yes. It violates the code of conduct. But a ticket does not often do anything though. Ive submitted several for blocking or... “denial of access” as the COC said.. but it is always auto completed with a we link referring me to something that is usually totally off topic for what my ticket was. Than its marked resolved.
  5. Yup... oh well... LoL made new toon and got him to 80 already.
  6. Support Center Closed? Granted its been a LONG time since I had to submit a support request, but now for some reason when I submit one I get a automated response that is is “resolved” and a link to go to some page that has nothing to do with the issue I am having... Anyone else have this issue?? I’m trying to report griefing on a PVE server....
  7. Muddie

    Ocean Platform Bug

    LoL yeah that’s a lot to do, especially since resources are hard to get there.
  8. Yup same thing for me too.. made a sweet set of max ascendent armor, fur and Ghillie, now I dont have enough weight to wear it. Submitted a ticket and it was “Auto” completed as “resolved” with the standard automated email telling me to “watch for future patches”. Now for small bugs sure.. I can see that. But my character is now unplayable and there is no way I can do Genesis without armor, tek armor etc etc with how hard some zones are. So... what gives? Any resolution in sight?
  9. Mine did the same but today I had the install option all of a sudden.
  10. Muddie

    Ocean Platform Bug

    Ocean Platform Bug Howdy... I double checked a LOT of stuff on my own server as well as the xbox standalone server and on all of them the Ocean Platforms do not place walls correctly... on two sides walls place correctly on on the other two they are rotated 90 degrees sideways... looks odd. a temporary work around is to use ceiling tiles on the cold sides... and the corner pieces will allow you to make the walls straight. After placing them they will stay where they are and you can delete the ceiling tiles.
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