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  1. I mean building all over the easy start area, they also place pillars all over so you can't build yourself making the game almost impossible to play.
  2. Unfair On New Players HI I am new to this game and love the look and feel of it, I can't play because of some players building enormous stone buildings on what I call the new player area (the easy start area). Not happy with the massive buildings they have the have put steel posts all over making it impossible for anyone else to build anything, this is happening on the majority of official servers I have used, I have tried around 8 to 10 so far. I can't understand why nothing is being done about it. I thought the idea of the game was to level up, get stronger and move to a higher level area. A new player moving straight to a higher level area has no chance of surviving if he can't learn the basics on the easy start area's. Odin
  3. Hi Johnny, I was encumbered like you said, I didn't think it would stop me completely hence me putting up a post about it. I am new to the game so have quite a bit to learn. Thanks for the help though it's much appreciated.
  4. Can't Move Character Hi Only got the game today and while playing my character stops moving, everything else seems to work but it's like my left stick won't work. If I log out and then back in it's ok again for a few minutes but the same happens again, which obviously makes the game unplayable. It's not a fault with my joypad as it works with other games plus it's only a couple of months old. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
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