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  1. Update: Tried changing fuels,tried inserting unstable and letting it stabilize,tried a scout. Seems that it is stuck in auto repair and sees the element but isnt doing anything with it. Says 1/100 (95%+1)
  2. Tek Skiff broke After the last patch the tek skiff isnt usable.. you can nudge it and turn on headlights but otherwise is useless... not destroying it just to make another that probably wont work either..
  3. Still broke for me. Tried new reaper,xfer map and die on 3 maps.. same result 4hr time 0xp
  4. Nightdemon


    Hello Hello, I am not new just I do not use forums alot. I play EU servers. I do not like players who troll newbies and call them selves papers. Other than that.. Hi all I hope you enjoy ark and stay away from this virus that has passed around the globe.
  5. There was. Ark wipe mindwipe the other day to fix the mind wipe bug causing people to have a like 5 year timer. There was also a shut down of some servers to allow admin s to scout for stuff in places it shouldn't be. Maybe you got hit by both?
  6. The sarco dying happens ALOT. Used one to tame mosa and tsuo using bubbles.. I swim to the ground. And enter bubble.. I walk in and a meat sack flies by me... my sarco Did it 3 times now.. also have been walking near water on beach and it touches water.. dead.. Had same happen with giga. Walked on beach doing a meat run just to touch the water and insta die..
  7. Lost dino and gear Server is crossark5 map is the center. Was flying and my armor broke and I died and my almost max lvl lightning wyvern disappeared. I was not near any danger or anything and wyvern died about a week later. I searched the whole map including the underground area.. nothing. When I died there also was not a x on map showing where I died nor was there a body so I lost my good gear and my pride n joy wyv. I dont get alot of play time so could W.C please return the dino to me or give me the engrams to make a gen and clone so I can clone a friends so I'm not that far behind where I was? Thanks for reading, Nightdemon P.S I left a ticket
  8. If u got the gen pet on you it makes some light at all times.
  9. I lost my near max lightning wyvern on thecenter..was just flying and poof my armor broke and I died.. wasn't even far off ground.. no mark on map where I died nor a body and wyvern disappeared.. took a week to die.. still duno where it went.. scanned WHOLE map.. nothing. Sent a ticket ... hope they return it or give me the engrams to clone as I have a friend with near same level wyv.
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