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  1. Why would I use a giga over a thery? I've never tamed a giga, but I'm trying to figure out why I ever would. We have 8k health / 526% melee imprinted thery's on our server. We max them out at around 25k health and 1600% melee. They can beat untamed gigas 1v1. However, we still struggled doing red drops on Extinction. I keep seeing people using gigas in videos, but tamed gigas seem so inferior. Am I missing something?
  2. Out of curiosity - are dedicated server saves on the cloud? I wonder what would happen if I loaded my WIndows XB1 account on an actual Xbox and logged in and ran one of my dedicated server files. Would it exist - or are the dedicated server files only saved on your PC?
  3. What really pisses me off about this is that this isn't random when a patch comes out. The developers SET when they release - once they pass certification. WC isn't doing this. They're clearly just sending off a patch and allowing it to go live as soon as it passes certification (which, by the way, they would STILL need to press a button on the Windows Dev Center in order to make it go live). They're doing this before both XB1 and Windows 10 versions have both passed certification. Clearly Microsoft's XB1 certification team is a little quicker than the Win 10 certification team, but I think it's ridiculous that WC isn't keeping these versions synced up.
  4. Unfortunately, it happens every time there's a patch. It will happen again when they do a patch for the christmas event. This patch was to turn off the thanksgiving event
  5. I'm having the same issue. It happens pretty much every time there's an update, but it's usually fixed pretty fast. The problem is that Microsoft's certification system can slow down patches getting released, so we're pretty much at the mercy of waiting for them.
  6. I'm an XB1/Windows developer and let me tell you - certification can be a real pain. One tiny mistake can block you from releasing. It can be brutal.
  7. Windows Store version 791.1 not available? I run a server on my PC and now we can't log into it because our XB1 versions are 791.1 and the PC version is 790.23 - I went into the Windows store and updated Ark and it's still 790.23
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