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  1. So I ended up just uninstalling again and deleting every ShooterGame file I could find and after reinstalling from there it started working again. But for the server and admin passwords I had left them blank and named the server '123' but whenever I noticed the command window pop up I closed it right away, realizing it was going to use my computer as a host and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to play at the same time. So that probably corrupted the setting up of the server and made everything worse. Yes for launching Ark, I would open up steam > Library > Ark > play and not right clicking steam in my task bar. But for giving it more time; Whenever I launched ark, that command window would pop up until it loaded my steam ID and then it would close itself, so im not sure this would have fixed it.
  2. @Pipinghot There is no Ark, ShooterGame or server file running in my task manager and I restarted my computer and nothing changed. To be more specific, I get a command prompt for launching a server whenever I hit play through steam. Find image attached below
  3. Accidental Dedicated Server Launch I went to Host/Local and accidentally clicked 'Run as Dedicated Server' and now I am unable to launch Ark and play normally, does anybody know how to revert this issue? I have tried to verify the integrity of the game files and uninstalled and reinstalled the game.
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