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  1. i lost 2 top stat manas today that i traded for from this bullpoop anti meshing false thing all i did was logging out hidiing in a corner im gonna deinstall this game now seriously
  2. Lost all gear and items transfering Hey i just lost my top stat mana and alot of gear while i was transfering of the server the timer was done already but the server started lagging and after i clicked transfer i would stay at the transmitter for 2-3min then get dc"d i downloaded my char again and poof all items and gear was gone , if i make a ticket is there a chance i will get my stuff back or no point in trying? cause i will literally quit the game RN if i dont get my stuff back im sick of all this bs
  3. Question ( XBOX ) : Any deathmatch servers? Hey was wondering if there are any Deathmatch servers on Xbox ? i cant find any ... i seen videos on youtube where people played death match / arena
  4. or if u dont have a male mana go tame a random one ill breed him with my top top top top top top female breeder and cryo the baby and give it to you if you wish just trying to be kind ^.^
  5. i told you... just dont use manas on the island i lost alot of top stat manas as i said already and theres another thing where you press jump but cause of lagg you dont jump and then after lagg you get teleported in the air and die... basicly dont use manas on the island or dont jump with them use the water or just run with them cause its not worth loosing them pretty sure devs dont give you your mana back and seriously this mechanic where your mana dies when you get 2 high is just stupid and makes nooo sense to me cause in other maps its not there.... RIP broo i would gladly give you a free top stat mana cause i know ur pain and it happend to me alot of times but i lost my male breeder.. only got a top stat female mana line left if u have a male mana i could breed it with my TOP TOP TOP TOP female breeder and give u the baby
  6. I just got an update for ark on my microsoft store i guess that update didnt just came out and my ark was just not updated and it will work after the update? if so why did it let me play on official without the update lol
  7. Cant place anything no structures no sleeping bags nothing heeey guys i got a little problem right now it wont let me place anything anywhere ... i really tried anything i switched servers i restarted the game i restarted my pc and i still cant place anything anywhere.. i tried sleeping bags / structures even tried to add a foundation to my base it will show green but it just wont place it ... cant even place a sleeping bag anywhere on the map please help Edit: on official
  8. to help you out we really need more information what do you mean with he cant get back into the game? can he start it? can he get into the main menu? or isnt he even able to start the game and go in the main menu? what do you mean with he cant get into the game does he get a error when he starts the game?
  9. YEEES FINALLY! we can all be happy it wasnt 1 week waiting time like it was for extinction and valguero!
  10. Didn't know Patch is coming out lol they would be fine if I didn't had to install the game on my Xbox now because the update for Play anywhere isn't out...
  11. Same man why does everyone get update but not play anywhere
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