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  1. I uninstalled recent update from last night and it didn't work still, getting same error.
  3. Can't Place Objects Anywhere Since Fear Evolved 3, I cannot place any structure or other objects down in any part of the map on valguero. I play the windows store version. Objects show as green, no airdrops are nearby. Cant place green objects down at base either.
  4. Febreze1

    Valguero Bug

    Its good practice to throw your loadout into storage, sometimes you'll die to the elements while logged off; getting to hot, getting to cold, starving, dehydration.
  5. on the top of the server list you both need to type in crossplay so it will show all crossplay servers. if you have the windows store version on pc you can join a regular xbox session, crossplay servers are for people who play on steam version that plays with others that have an xbox.
  6. Seems pretty reasonable then if they are awaiting approval. Makes a lot of sense, but a notice should be posted with the update or on a general sticky tab to prevent these kind of confusions.
  7. I made a similar post, my game in the windows store doesn't show any updates and I tried manual updating and it doesn't recognize that it needs an update. stuck at v790
  8. Windows store version - NO UPDATE As title states, Window Store version is not updating. I tried manual updating and it shows the game is up to date, but when I go in-game, its still version 790 and showing no servers. Thanks.
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