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  1. Starting a new nitrado cluster need help with player/dino stats Hello survivors, So I wanted to venture out after many cluster that had no admin support, admin abuse and or servers not being paid for 2 of my mates and myself have decided to start our own cluster. One challenge I encountered was setting the player and dino wild and tame stats, I'm not looking for super OP tames we are looking to play the game at a in between pace. I would like the survivors to have 200 levels. Max dino wild 200 Hunger drain rate to require for 2 times a game day so if my game day set to 1 Same for water or I would like to put one lvl into food and water to have it increas to 10k Xp to take at least one who day of grinding to max level. Dino I would it to take about the same but a bit longer. Carry weight to add at 500 per level Melee to add 100 per lvl Speed to add at 50 per level Crafting to add at 100 per lvl Fortitude to add at 100 per lvl Reduce drain or leave it be but add 5k per lvl for both water and food Stamina 100 per level Air 1k per lvl Health 150 per lvl I would like slightly better for tamed so if regular is 1 per level then I would like 2 per lvl. Regular drain rates and regular health increases Carry weight adds up at 1k per lvl Other then that that's it. Any help or links to guides will help I dont mind reading guides. Thank everyone
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