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  1. Welcome to EasyArk Post! Up since Sep 23, 2018 (XBOX Servers [Nitrado] Supports Crossplay) Join us on Discord or our Site !!! ABOUT THE CLUSTER Our cluster is not like most. We always adding server, adding extra features that makes it easy for you guys. We got programmers and good management with our staff to keep everyone in line. We do our best to make sure that everyone is happy and the servers stay friendly; for the most part. It is pvp. Here are just a couple of reasons why players choose our cluster: PVP Server Names [US][Server02]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 32 Slots - Aberration [US][Server06]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 32 Slots - The Center [US][Server01]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 50 Slots - Ragnarok [EU][Server07]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 50 Slots - Ragnarok EU [EU][Server08]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 32 Slots - Island EU [US][Server05]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 32 Slots -Scorched Earth [EU][Server10]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 50 Slots - Valguero EU [US][Server03]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops 32 Slots - Island [US][Server04]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 32 Slots - Extinction [US][Server09]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 50 Slots - Valguero [US][Server11]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] 32 Slots - Ragnarok [US][Server12]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops]32 Slots - Valguero [US][Server13]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] Genesis - Coming Soon [EU][Server14]EasyARK[100x/Insta-Tame/Custom Drops] Genesis EU - coming soon Events We do have events when admins get some free time! Some of our events we host are: Raid the admins Raft Wars Fight the bosses *With more exciting events coming! Discord Features One of the special things about EasyArk that's different than any other servers is that we allow you to see how many people are on our servers 24/7 from your phone/pc! See our boost codes with the server expire time all in one gif. We also have a feature that's disable at the moment that allows you to see all players on the map from discord. Our admins patrol the ark server and the discord for any bad behaviour to keep easyark safe for you and all other players. More amazing features coming!!!
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