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  1. After months in a location on crystals isle, the floating island cave.... raided/ attempted raided every weekend, sometimes three or four times. always failed. over 50 fully capped turrets both tek and heavies with another 100 or so leading up to the entrance. Last night one guy, 123 tribe of human1? ( why ) walked through the walls and destroyed everything inside our base. How wild card can get away with selling a game that has such a fatal flaw is beyond belief. This game is unplayable.
  2. yup I know it's meshing, I reported myself to ARK admin. we had an issue with a player being in the same spot and asked ark to sort it out, they did nothing. so we built in the same spot on another server and reported ourselves, we were given three days to move out.... after three days nothing happened, stuff still in there now as far as I'm aware...
  3. The exact same thing just happened to us, we were in a rat hole with around 15 heavies pointed towards the door, about 500 arb in each. The only way in was a pelagornis, so they meshed into the wall took out our mana and killed all our tames. I bought Ark in early release, I bought it because it looked great and I expected that I would eventually get to play a game without any glitches or faults, a finished game. This has never happened, I'm sick of reporting DDos meshing, speed hacks esp and nothing being done about . I do get a response from admin who goes by the name raptor (shows how se
  4. Hi we play on small tribes, enjoying playing until a new tribe came along. They started to type trash in the chat right from the get go. It was funny at first and we had a few good PVP'S then they started to get nasty. They were fine with new people on the server but then they would try get them to raid us, they tell everyone on the server our base location . A few days ago they started to ddos us. we went for a pvp and they kicked us a soon as we go there. we lost a tek steg lev 397 a mana and two wyverns. I' gutted, if I had lost them in a fight it would have been great I love PVP. But dos
  5. I played Ark when it first came out. I had a small tribe, I was wiped by the alphas before I really had a chance to get started in the game despite what I though where good defences . I tried a few more times , in tribes and in my own tribes., always the same thing, not a chance. Recently I noticed server for small tribes, so after a good few years not playing Ark, and in lock down I thought I would give the game another go. I had a small tribes of three players it took a good week to build a full metal base with a few x-plants and 20 + turrets with 200+ ammo in each one. We had players on
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