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  1. How is me being on arkpoc any less reputable than standard? If anything it requires more skill and efficiency than standard, so don’t go there. I do not believe in “if u can’t beat them join them”. I’ve always been against cheating/exploiting and always will be bc it’s a portrayal of who I am. These kids who are cycling accounts need to be IP banned or like you said hardware banned. Wildcard is trying to remedy the issue, but they aren’t being assertive enough imho.
  2. I can’t yell this loud enough, console players are very competitive and there Is nothing as competitive as SotF in Ark! PLEASE give us this mode!
  3. Just when we thought we were safe...(meshed) First off, I played Ark When it was released on PC and have played on Xbox ever since it was released on that platform. To be blunt, we got meshed on Official server Arkpocolypse Ragnarok. We were built on the stone pillars near the Redwood and Desert Border and there was no possible way for us to get raided without exploits. I know for a fact that they meshed us because they used anthropluera and hit the base from below surface, destroying it from the inside out. My tribe and I quit the regular official servers when we got meshed for the fourth time and started playing official Arkpoc servers without issue until now. I did not think it would be possible to come up through the inside of the stone pillars, but I was wrong. The only turret that killed them was one that was on the inside lower level and it killed them before anything else was destroyed. I love this game and don’t want to quit, but there has to be consequences for exploiting the game! I have gamertags and will be seeking vengeance.
  4. I spent all night and this morning on official extinction PGArk 6 catching fish over 2.1 and was in game when the new year hit central us time, but have not recieved a single Top Hat. I don't understand and if I miss out on this item for whatever reason I'm going to be very disappointed. Someone explain what's going on?
  5. Hello Jat, I'd like for you to read my post and share you and your co-workers thoughts. I think you'll find it informative and useful.


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