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  1. I had my chibi upt to over 290,000 points today I killed an alpha meg looked at the chibi and it was at level one. This game is a time suck as it is can you at least take the time to get something right. As fans show us some support and appreciate the time and money we have put into playing and enjoying the game. Ten thumbs down on the chibis. What is the point?
  2. Yet another contemplated whether to post but they deserve to get spammed with this message, on val tried to back island got login lock message just now.
  3. I was just reading this. We were building a small extinction base. We had to use thatch for roof. I didn't get back in time before the roof decayed in the meantime, a base near decided they needed to prevent us from finishing roof and put a pillar up. We left it. I came back to render base and the cryo fridges were empty. We had a lot of pods from a drop and some dinos. They weren't our best but still frustrating. I don't know if someone unlocked and didn't realize, which is easy to do or not. Either way they were gone.
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