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  1. Here you have the photo of the error. Sometimes the game just closes and the error doesn't come out
  2. It is true that my Pc is going slow and that's why I formatted it. Although it still works pretty badly and i don't know what to do. Whenever I'm playing the game this crashes and i haven't any program open when i play. Not only happens to me in this game, almost in all. It's give me a error and close the game. I have to enter again and five min later, the error again. Many games already banned me for this. I play with slow graphics and all in low settings.
  3. Sorry but i am too noob in this and i dont´t know what to do
  4. My graphic card is a GeForce GTX 1060 6GT OCV1 and my processor is a intel 1151 core i5 7400 3Ghz/6Mb, my HDD Sata 1Tb and memory DDR4 2400 8Gb and i have a windows 10 home 64 bits.
  5. Crash and disconected Hi, i am a new user of Ark. I tried play this game many times but i don´t know because the game crash when i play. When i get in the game and play little time, the game start to go slowly and suddenly stops and close the game. I come back in and play ten minutes and again the same. I have tried to unravel it and follow tutorials and nothing. Please can you help me? Thanks!
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