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  1. I am in full agreement with this. they are using a newer engine for starters AND they have better skills, they can figure out what things in the game will be problems later on.
  2. *starts wispering* Listen man, I don't really like telling people stuff that they should already know, but ill make an exception for you. they have tether on xbox so that random people that join cant have free reign over that world and the owner can keep track of them.
  3. In all seriousness, I like ark how it is, a broken game, it makes it better imo. having the ability to make things that dies in water fly is the best glitch in the game as of yet (wildcard please don't fix it), the lag is alright it makes fights better, you both cant see where you are going and one comes out the victor. crashing is even better then lag cause you could be in the middle of base defence and you and your opponents lag out and its like a race to see you can get back on fastest. the entire game is as good as it has ever been. the only annoying part of the game is the community, you'
  4. I sere a lot of people complaining in here about lag and no evo event, like bro, im only in it for the game breaking bugs, it makes the game better, it adds a bit of action imo. I dont care if there is an evo event or not, it just means a little extra farming and waiting on breeding and taming, if you cant handle the vanilla game on vanilla settings, then go to an unoffical server noobs.
  5. why you getting mad bro? just play the game and accept that this is the way it is
  6. go to ark support to make a ticket because I don't think they'll answer you here buddy http://www.studiowildcard.com/contact
  7. I can second this. Ark was a survival game in the beginning but its all about the story progressing and finding out all the mysteries of the arks, earth, and the life before the arks. The devs never stated that this was a game about only survival and no story, like Rust (but that still has a little story to it). It was all about uncovering story. The story basically started in the Island on the games release with the Explorer Notes, but the story really kicked off in Aberration with Rockwell. It should have been clear from the start that this games was not only about a prehistoric survival gam
  8. its really sad to see people talk poop about the devs not fixing bugs, its like dude... its not the end of your life if they choose to prioritise other things other then fixing 1 or 2 bugs that prevent you from doing things for a couple of minutes.
  9. Can you craft Element dust in a Tek Replicator? Heya ark community. Me and my other tribe mate were just wondering if you could craft Element dust in a Tek replicator. We know you can craft the dust in the city terminals but the server we play on has the animals on super aggressive (even dodo's attack on sight), which means it would be very risky to take a lot of our element dust to a city terminal. Any help would be good thanks.
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