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  1. About We are a PvE dedicated server who has been up and running since November 2018. In that time we have done everything we can to make our server as up to date as possible! We have done everything from optimizing our Discord and Server with all the latest features! Such as our Cross-Ark chat system where you can chat to players who are in-game and in other cluster servers at all times even through discord! Quickly Join Us! Paste Link into a Discord Chat + Click it to Join Instantly: steam://connect/ Island steam://connect/ Rag steam://connect/ Abb steam://connect/ Valguero steam://connect/ Scoreched steam://connect/ Extinction Accessible! Only six mods optimized for low-end computers! Use this link to subscribe to our mods before joining the server for a seamless experience! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1883795884 "This is one of the best servers." -Mythic, 2019 #pinktober
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